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Autoprice Files service troubleshooting

Summary below of important info, entire SOP attached.

Link with 901 points to a DB that is one day behind Live DB, use this link during business hours.  Use live link during business hours (or if Live data is required).

US Links: 
During business hours:  \\p21usapp\P21Shares\Imports\AutopricingFiles901
After hours: \\P21usapp\p21shares\Imports\AutopricingFiles\

CA Links: 
During business hours:  \\p21app\P21Shares\Imports\AutopricingFiles901
After hours: \\P21app\p21shares\Imports\AutopricingFiles\

Drop files in 'DropFilesHere', pick up files with pricing in 'PickupFilesHere'.  New files will have P21 pricing.  Used by purchasing, DB, and customer service

Parameters for files: 

In production this service processes approximately 10,000 lines per hour.

The only issue I have seen with this process is sometimes the service does not like certain file names, but I don't know why.  If a file will not import try changing the file name and reimporting. For example, I had a file called zeroprice.xlsx that wouldn't import.  Changed file name to TCH.5.16.2022.xlsx and it worked.

Restarting the Service: 

0. clear the files from the folder location with issues

1. log into P21APP or P21USAPP, depending on the country

2. click on Start, then type services and open the application

3. look for the one called "CustomerPricingGenerator" or "CustomerPricingGenerator901"

4. right click over the service name

5. From the menu select stop, wait 15 second and then start

6. add the files back to folder location

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