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How to cancel auxiliary pick ticket

Auxiliary pick tickets are useful if your warehouse and your sales office are logically two separate locations in the system, but are in close proximity to each other so that they are practically the same location.

The auxiliary pick ticket is used to be sent to the warehouse to pull the material and the standard pick ticket is used to invoice the material at the sales office location. This supplants the need for OBTs (Order Based Transfers) because you really don't need to transfer such a short distance.

So auxiliary pick ticket printed for an order and you don't want it.
The below example order has a ship location of 100001 but a source location of 100002. If you do not use OBTs (Order Based Transfers) and have the system setting "Allow Different Source and Ship Locations" enabled, an auxiliary pick ticket will print.

To fix this:
1) Delete the primary pick ticket
2) Return to the order, to the line item, unallocate material, which puts it on backorder
3) Change the source location to 100001.
4) Unallocate material again
5) Save To prevent auxiliary pick tickets from printing going forward, you must either use Order Based Transfers to generate a transfer for the material on the order, or disable the system setting system setting "Allow Different Source and Ship Locations" to prevent users from changing the ship location of an item without changing the source as well.
So the source and ship locations must always be the same. System Settings / Order Processing / General >> "Allow Different Source and Ship Locations"

Creation date: 2/28/2023 3:20 PM      Updated: 2/28/2023 3:20 PM