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How to Confirm Groves SISM is running

The alert that Groves SISM isn't running fires when files have been sitting in the import path for more than 30 minutes. If a file is large enough it could still be running but just takes longer than 30 min to import. to confirm the service is still running follow these steps:

1. RDP in to GISQL1
2. find the oldest import file in \\GISQL1\ImportFiles\
3. Copy the header files onto the desktop, open the copy and find the customer ID.
4. In SQL find the latest order from that customer ID. 
5. For that order number find the number of lines. Wait 15 seconds and run the query again. If the number of lines increases than the service is running. If the number of lines doesn't change, perform the same test again but wait a minute.
6. If the service is running notify everyone on the email alert the service is running. If it stopped notify everyone of that as well. The service will have to be restarted. Any partially imported orders will need to be canceled. Any POs or Transfers created from those orders will also need to be canceled.

Creation date: 11/16/2022 9:59 AM      Updated: 11/16/2022 9:59 AM
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