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Sandvik End Customer Account EDI Process / Updating TPCx or Altova EDI Reference tables

Whenever a PO is sent to Sandvik via EDI (does not work for emailed POs) it transmits a customer number to Sandvik. 

For a refresher on how this works in both the US and CA:

  1. A header contract number is sent on all Sandvik POs (US = 10069110; CA = 10063068)
  2. On line items P21 attaches any contract number it can find using the hierarchy on the attached.
  3. If none is found, then it uses the contract number tied to the customer ID of the Sales Order found on the Vendor Contract Portals created by Shannon.

This customer number is stored in a lookup table and a Portal. When updates are made to the Portal the ERP group has to be notified as changes to the portal don't affect the EDI tables. TPCx tables (CA) have to be updated through Epicor Support or using the below method; Altova (US) has to be updated by ERP group.

CA: 1. Log into in the Canada account.

       2. Company Profile > Custom Document Translation

                                             Trading Partner: Sandvik – TPCx

                                             Transaction Type: Purchase Order

                                             Document Direction: I am the originator.                            

US: Table is located at US Mapper website under table maintenance ( You can edit table from there one row at a time. If a lot of changes need to be made you can update with the attached template. Update the template and keep it in .xls format. Delete the existing table, then upload the table with updated data with the same name (so the map doesn't need to be changed).

Creation date: 11/2/2022 9:44 AM      Updated: 11/2/2022 9:44 AM