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P21 Performance Troubleshooting checklist

Data gathering:

    1. Occurring daily?
    2. Specific time of day?
    3. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
      1. If a single user - send to tech support
      2. If multiple user - to Ricardo
    4. All internet or just P21?
      1. What windows or actions in P21?
    5. Working from home or at location?
    6. Meraki router or which VPN?
    7. PC Specs
      1. RMB on This PC in file explorer and take a screenshot
    8. Internet Speed test
    9. Are any updates running on your PC at that time?
    10. Is your computer automatically updating?
    11. When was the last time you rebooted your PC?
    12. What browser are you using?
    13. Confirm user is not connected to wifi and ethernet internet

Creation date: 10/20/2022 3:58 PM      Updated: 11/3/2022 3:35 PM
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