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Lockstep and US Invoice forms

Lockstep is only setup in the US, does not apply to CA or Groves.

Lockstep pulls data from P21 once a day.

  • P21 sends no data to Lockstep, it is all pulled
  • Lockstep only pulls customers/invoices that have one of the yellow highlighted invoice batch numbers below
  • Component invoices are highlighted in blue above, these are not pulled into Lockstep
    • Do not send is for EDI invoices
  • Invoice Entry by Item - can view invoice batch number for invoice. Invoice's batch number can edit the batch number here. If you change invoice batch number to a yellow highlighted batch above it will get pulled into Lockstep. If you change an invoice already in Lockstep to a non-yellow invoice batch number all invoice will get removed from Lockstep.
    • If large number of invoices need to be updated Ricardo or Shannon can update via SQL


  • Changing the invoice batch number on the customer only affects new invoices, does not edit invoice batch number on existing invoices.
  • Consolidated invoice customers
    • have one of the blue highlighted invoice batches above set in Customer Maintenance. All their invoices have the non-lockstep invoice batch number, when the consolidated invoice is created only the consolidated invoice gets a Lockstep invoice batch number
    • All invoice batch numbers have to have the Consolidated Invoice Bill to Contact ID below (applies to both US and CA). Otherwise Lockstep will email customer about each invoice.

  • Customer Invoice Form
    • INVOICE_CONSOLIDATED.RPT (mirrors P21 original invoice form and for consolidated customers)
      • If using INVOICE_CONSOLIDATED.RPT it should be set on all three invoice fields.
      • Consolidated customers use INVOICE_CONSOLIDATED.RPT, all other customers use the form that mirrors lockstep
    • If invoice form field is blank, it prints an invoice to mirror lockstep (INVOICE_USER.RPT)


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