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Sandvik's freight collect policy, as of Feb 2014

Hi Jeff,

We maintain a table of valid freight collect numbers for each account, and, the collect number sent on an EDI order is compared to this table.

If the collect number sent on the order is not contained in the table, then the order goes to a separate handling screen, and, Inside Sales must contact the carrier (ie: UPS/FedEx) to verify the number before the order can be processed.

So, in order to ensure that your orders are not delayed, we do request that any new freight collect numbers be set up beforehand.

The concern is that if an order is sent over via EDI late in the day with a number that has not been set up previously, the process of contacting the carrier to verify the shipping account information and setting up the new account number in our system may cause the order to miss the same-day shipping cut-off time.

If I can provide you with any additional information, please let me know.

Thank you,

Natalina Garavaglia
EDI/eBusiness Specialist
Sandvik Coromant US
+1 (248) 322-7132

"Noble, Jeff"

From: "Noble, Jeff" <>
To: <>
Date: 02/03/2014 03:34 PM
Subject: edi POs & freight collect

Hi Natalina - years ago, DGI was supposed to have a given customer's
freight-collect terms already set up on your end BEFORE we placed EDI
PO's that are to ship freight-collect to them.

Do you know if this requirement is still the case?


Jeff Noble
DGI Supply