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Vertex - Partial Tax Exemptions

Setting up Partial exemptions for Alabama (AL), California (CA) and full exemption in North Carolina (NC)

Step1: Log into dgispply On-Demand environment

Step2: Click on Menu item on the left Tax Setup >> Tax Assist >> Lookup Tables

Step 3: Hover Over to Action column for the state you need to add the Ship-To location partial exemption.

If Edit Button is displayed, then click on the Edit button

 If Edit Button is not displayed, please click on 3 dots (…)  and click on Edit option

Step4: Please confirm that you are editing the Correct state. Please click on the Records Tab

Step 5: Please click on Add Record button

Step 6: Once you click on Add Record two Text Input Boxes are shown.

Step 7: Enter the following in Customer Class (Text Box1)

For California Partial exemption – CA-PT

For North Carolina Full l exemption – NC-EXEMPT

For Alabama Partial exemption – AL-PT

Step 8: Enter the ship-to location  in location code (Text Box2)

Step 9: Click on SAVE to save the record  

Now the Ship-To location should be partially or full  exempt for that state.

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