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Add user in Epicor Learning Center(create account) and Managing agenda

1. Add user in Epicor Learning Center(create account)

1 Admin -> user maintenance
2 Check if exist  or not first , by entering user name in "Edit user" page
3 If not press  "Add user" and add detail information, if you don't know work phone of the person use the default DGI number 8009236255 because it is required. 
4 "Role" 'New user'
5 uncheck "admin"       
6 "time zone" -> Chicago 
7. Submit 

 2. Manage agenda

 Find related to persons role

e.g if it is inventory
  1. DGIUS-inventory
make sure all requested training are there or add

 2.1 if we are missing from the list requested

1. Press from bottom "Add Agenda Item"
2. select type "Course"
3. select "Assignment"  missed

2.2 Assign Agenda

1.You go to Agenda you want to assign. "Assign this agenda" in top right corner
3 select employee name you want to assign
4 you can add due date if you want or asked.
5 submit 

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