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Restarting Printing Services (Edge Agent/QZ Tray)

The QZ tray is a tool P21 uses for network printing.  If it goes down, users can't network print out of P21. The QZ Tray was recently updated to use Edge Agent, there is another KB article with details on the Edge Agent, this will explain how to reboot it.  Also I left the way to reboot QZ Tray before edge agent below just in case.

Reboot QZ Tray with Edge Agent:

1. RDP into P21USApp or P21App, depending if the issue is in US or CA.
2. Open Services and stop both Epicor Edge Agent and Epicor Print Tray Service.  A good indicator if there was a printer issue is if one or both are stopped.

3. Stop and restart the Print Spooler service.
4.  Restart both Epicor Edge Agent and Epicor Print Tray Service. 
5. Notify the ERP group

QZ Tray is a service on P21App and P21USAPP that is used for network printing out of P21.  If network printing out of P21 is down the first step to troubleshoot is restarting the QZ Tray.


  1. Login to P21App in Canada or P21USAPP if printing issue is in the US, as user 4188
  2. Open task scheduler.
  3. End the task QZTray.  Wait 15 seconds then Run again.
  4. Afterwards email the IT team, warehouse manager and whoever is running the Production Order Scan (they will have to log out and back in for the scan to function properly)
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