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  1. Window: Portal Maintenance
    1.  Enter Portal Name and Desc.
    2.  Select Layout 1 usually

    1.  RMB 'Install and Maintain Portals'

                                                               i.      'Install A Browser Element' (on the bottom of the page)

                                                             ii.      Enter Element Name and URL

        1. Add ‘?&rs:embed=true’ to the end of the URL this will help with display issues (if it not already there)
        2. Should begin with:  If it does not add, especially the https:
        3. Existing URLs can be used as templates if this is confusing

                                                           iii.      Click 'OK'

    1.  From dropdown on right enter URL just created in 'Portal Element'
    2.  Save
  1. Window: Role maintenance
  2. Add Portal to desired Roles
    1. Always add to the ‘All’ role
    2. Add to any additional roles requested by the user
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