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Correcting Accounting Direct ship confirmation errors

Reversing direct ships is a normal process within P21 because we all make mistakes or keying errors. It is beneficial for you to understand the affected areas and what is recommended to do to reverse the issue… despite how cumbersome.

Summary: Confirming a direct shipment automatically creates a customer invoice and automatically creates a payable that is waiting to be invoiced.

Here are two options:

Option 1:

Consider not sending the invoice to the customer until they actually receive the material. This may be an option if the customer is due to receive the material in a couple days anyway, but this will not work if it will be several weeks.

Option 2:

- Go to Adjustment Reason Maintenance. Set up a unique adjustment reason codes for direct ship reversals. The GL account should be the Inventory Quantity Variance GL account (49700XXXXX).

- Enter an RMA. Enter the items that were accidentally confirmed and link to the original invoice.

- In RMA entry or RMA receipts you have the ability to adjust the material immediately out of stock. Use the adjustment reason code you just created when coming the RMA receipt.

- Go to Convert PO To Voucher, vouch the material for 0.00 and 0 quantity invoiced.

This will create a $0 voucher,  which will automatically be considered paid, and will post to the Inventory Quantity Variance account. This will wash out the GL impact of the inventory adjustment created from the RMA.

- Re-enter the items onto the original customer order (or enter a new order).

- Create the new purchase order or add the item back to the original purchase order.

Take a moment to review this and let’s build out a process for future reference. We can have a quick chat to discuss if needed.

Creation date: 9/3/2021 1:15 PM      Updated: 9/3/2021 1:15 PM