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AD Vendor Change or Edit

AD Vendor Changes

The changes needed are shown below on the typical AD vendor. The AD account number has to be put in the UDF field on the “Vendor” tab and the EDI has to be set as below. Be careful though as that last character for Trading Partner Name, EDI Interchange ID, and Application Code is a capitol i (I), not a | (pipe symbol) or a number 1. The Element Separator is | (pipe symbol).  Press Shift + the key above enter to type it.

Trading Partner Name: 232182931I

EDI Interchange ID Qualifier:  01

EDI Interchange ID:  232182931I

Application Code:  232182931I

Element Separator: |

IMPORTANT NOTE: if the Vendor is sending or receiving other EDI data (these fields are already populated) do not overwrite!  The below info will have to be put below the 820 Map Name Field.

If no other EDI Maps:

If using other EDI Maps:

Vendor Maintenance > Classes Tab:

US: AD Payments
Canada: Affiliated Distributors 

If ACH info is provided add it to the ACH tab in Vendor Maintenance, otherwise put ‘N/A’ to the Routing/SWIFT BIC field.

ALSO have to add the AD Supplier xref to the TPCX cross reference table AD SUPPLIER using:



Vendor ID on left | AD ID on right.  The AD ID can be found in Vendor Maintenance in the AD Supplier ID field.

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