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solutions for when there is trouble with SBClient downloads from Prelude

First, "QRD" reports (run either from /QRD, or their slash command begins with "E*"), are NOT supported.
Jeff/Keith/Jim R *can* convert a QRD into a (supported) /RD process:
1. Go to /qrd and find the file name of the report
2. Go to /RD and enter that file name, then enter a name for the report. Epicor says you can't use same name, but I have, with success.
3. Go to <F7>-Convert Query and enter the name of the QRD
4. Ensure that the "Output Device" is set to "A" for "ask user which output device".
5. Hit <F6>-Addit Params
6. Enter REPORT.CLOSE in the field "Process After Exec"
7. Enter OUTPUT.REDIRECT,E (no spaces) in the field "Output Redir Process"
8. Hit <F2>-Save until you get to the "No Action"/"None - Execute Now" prompt. Choose "None - Execute Now", and establish a process to run the report.
9. The user can then run /R*<file name>*<RD report name>

Next, there are some other things to change
1. In the user's SBClient, make sure they are on the latest version.
2. Make sure Preludes XL-Convert utility is installed on the PC. I believe this utility needs .NET 1.1, which should be in or near the same directory as the XL-Convert installation media.
3. Change the user's SBClient - Setup:File Transfer, switch it to "FTP" and have them enter their ID & password in the two fields. They will need to update this password as their password changes. Save the SBClient settings.
4. In Prelude /UIM, Jeff/Keith/Jim R can bring up that user's record, hit <F10>-User Options :Define PC Applications.
Enter E in "Spreadsheet App" field
Enter Y in the "ADS Conversion" field
Enter a valid path that the user has access to in the "SS Path" field. For example, "c:\users\<user ID>\desktop"
Have the user log out of Prelude until disconnected then back in again to pick up the changes to the /UIM record.

Last, on the user's PC, you must run Excel by itself, choose "blank document", then File : Options, bottom of screen uncheck "show start screen".