How to transfer old SBClient smart queries to latest 5.5+ versions

(per Rocket technote 1410023)

run the old version of SBClient. If you already installed SBClient 5.5+ then you will need to set up a new Windows shortcut icon pointing to the old SBClient program c:\ibm\sbclient\sbopen\bin\sbclient.exe
and with a working directory of C:\IBM\SBClient\tu

create an empty folder on the PC

log into Prelude and enter
hit <F3> and navigate to the empty folder you just created.
After the export completes (you will get a couple messages indicating success), then log out of this old version of SBClient and close old SBClient.

Run the new SBClient 5.5+, start a Prelude session.
As the Prelude session starts, you can click on File : Import Configuration
check off only "smart query definitions", navigate to the new folder you created, and <OK> to import.