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Stockable Items Not Showing in PORG


Stockable Items Not Showing in PORG  (Purchase Order Requirements Generation)






1. There is no requirement for purchase.

a. Net stock is not below order point.

If Net Stock is not below the order point, there is no purchase requirement.
You can set up a new PO Requirements Generation Report to show you the item's stock calculation by setting the Location ID, Requirement Type to 'Stock Requirement' and then specify the Item ID and click 'Recalculate'.

The system will show you the Item Calculation which will show you exactly why or why not the system is showing a requirement for purchase for this item. The purchase stock card tab in item master inquiry will also show this information.

b. A purchase order already exists that is offsetting the requirements.

If there is an item on backorder that is not coming up to be purchased, the user can check in one of the following three places to see if there is already a purchase order for that item:

Order Processing  - Compare the PO tab to the Order tab for the line item on the order in Order Entry.
The PO tab will show all open Purchase Orders for the item and the Order tab will show any open quantities on customer orders. If there is enough material on purchase orders to cover all backorders and stock requirements, no requirements will be generated.

Purchasing  - PO Drill Down By Item

Inventory - Inventory Drill Down By Item
Drill down on the Order Quantity field to view Purchase Orders and Inventory Receipts.

c. There is a an open due in transfer that is offsetting the requirement.

Go to the Inventory > Inquire >  Inventory Drill Down By Item
Drill down on the Quantity In Transit.

2. The item is not stockable

Go to the Location tab for the item in Item Maintenance to see if the Stockable box is checked. If an item is not stockable, PO requirements will only be generated if there is a backorder for that item.

3. The replenishment location of the item is not equal to the purchasing location

Go to the Replenishment tab for the item in Item Maintenance and check the replenishment location.
Also check the Purchase For Replenishment Location Only setting in the criteria of PORG.

4. Include Unapproved PO's is checked on the PO Criteria tab.

If there are unapproved purchase orders in the system for this item and the Unapproved PO's box is checked, the system will reduce the required quantity by the quantity on the unapproved purchase order. If the unapproved quantity is enough to cover the requirement, the item will not appear in PO Requirements/Generation. Examples can be found in the Online Help under the heading "Include Unapproved PO's".

5. Always check Generate Purchase Requirements Parameters

Is the user excluding an item by specifying a range of Supplier IDs, ABC Class IDs or Product Group IDs to which the item does not belong?

What are the look ahead days set to? Set them further out to pick up that item's requirement date.

6. As of version 9.5, check that the "Buyer Specific Purchasing" option under the System Setup > System Settings > Purchasing. If this is checked, then the buyer specified in the Item Maintenance screen will be the only one that will be able to purchase that item. Thus, make sure that the buyer specified in the parameters matches.

7. Check the expedite date in the ext'd info tab of Order Entry for the item. Then make sure the look ahead days being used in PORG would include that date if its in the future.

8. Go to the inventory module -> maintenance -> item maintenance -> supplier by location tab and make sure a primary supplier is checked for the location.

- if you have checked all the areas above you may want to review KB0015886 and run the query referenced within. The query looks for primary supplier data corruption / mismatches.

9. On version 11 and higher activating the Discontinued checkbox allows you to continue selling the item, but prevents it from ever being backordered or appearing on purchasing requirements. Enabling this setting only discontinues the item at the specific location.

10. Run an inventory rebuild on the item and location. See KB0011644.

11. If the stockable item is set to a min/max of 0/0 and is on backorder but the order or service order is not approved, the order will not show up in PORG. Make sure you approve the transaction.

12. Enter in the Item ID into the Item ID field and check box Show All Items and regenerate.
This should force the item up and you will see why it's not a requirement by reviewing the Calculation tab.

Note: If a component of an assembly is not appearing for purchase than make sure to review the component, not the main assembly item id. Also make sure the production order has been created first if it is a component of an assembly on an order that requires production order processing.

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