Deploy iPad Apps & Bookings via Apple Business Center & Cisco Meraki

Push Apps & Bookmarks Remotely

Apple store app:
Step 2: Under the "Apps and Books" menu search for the app you wish to deploy & purchase the licenses (if required)
Step 3: After the app has been purchased log into Cisco Meraki dashboard (
Step 4: Select network "iOS Devices"
Step 5: Under the Systems Manager tab select DEP and perform a Full Sync
Step 6: In Systems Manager then select "Apps" once at the apps screen select Import
Step 7: In the import screen select VPP account "DoALL Company"
Step 8: Select the app you wish to import & set the scope to all devices

Step 1: Log into Meraki dashboard (
Step 2: Select iOS Devices network
Step 3: From Systems Manager select settings
Step 4: Select the "iPad Profile" from the profiles list
Step 5: Click on "Add settings" and select "Web Clip"
Step 6: Enter the name of the bookmark in the label field and specify the URL for the bookmark and upload a image to show up as the button image.

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